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Glamourous Glossies and Television 


How I live and work

In the sustainable lifestyle Television broadcast program ‘BinnensteBuiten’ of April 8, ’22 you can see how I live and work in the beautiful national monument the Tindalvilla in Bussum. Would you like to see where I create my paintings? Then this is the opportunity for a look behind the scenes. An average of 850,000 people watch this popular television program…. If you missed the broadcast or want to watch it back, here is the link to the summary of the broadcast:

In February ’23, I participated in the Art and Luxury Fair by invitation. An exclusive, small-scale event at a beautiful location. Unlike a typical fair, this is an Art Fair where experience is key. With workshops and demonstrations, visitors were brought into contact with artisans practicing their refined craft and artists took you through the creative process. In short, a unique opportunity for a look behind the scenes. I too shared with the interested attendees my painting process, from idea to the final artwork.

See ART AND LUXURY FAIR for further information, exhibitors and artists.


These beautiful magazines are a keeper and once in a while you browse through them. Something different than Social Media!

De Gooische TamTam

In spring ’22, I was interviewed for this beautiful glossy. A new experience for me. Nice to be able to list for myself again what exactly I want to “tell” and pass on with my art.


Het Spiegelschrift

An extensive item in the beautiful magazine Het Spiegelschrift. This magazine is particularly for the beautiful neighbourhood “Het Spiegel” in Bussum where I get to live in the national monument the “TindalVilla”. What does it mean for me and my art to live closer to nature and how does that affect my work?


“Het was zó’n heerlijke ontspannen dag, met jouw hulp heb ik een prachtig abstract schilderij gemaakt!”

– Lucia van der Eng

“Ik had nooit gedacht dat schilderen je zo’n spiegel voorhoudt.”

-deelnemer jonge talenten

“Het was heerlijk om zo lekker los te gaan en te genieten van het proces zelf. Dit gaat mij ook helpen in mijn werk.”

– Coachee dagcursus